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Garnet Hummus

Hummus with garnet yams (sweet potatoes) delicious !

Page 67,  Ultimate Cookbook

Page 67, Ultimate Cookbook

Always a party favorite and I love hummus in my wraps with tons of vegetables. The only tricky, part of this recipe in cooking the sweet potato(or garnet yam for the west coast people) . You do not want it too mushy.

The food processor is a key tool to the success of the recipe. Chick peas, tahini, cumin and other spices complete the recipe.



Simply delicious! Ooh! Yes ! I said that already ! Well it is delicious !

It is a weekly staple in our home ! We love it !


White bean soup

White bean soup with kale & garlic…delicious!

The best “Super immune boosting” soup ever! Garlic is great for the heart and immune system PLUS kale is one of the most nutrient rich food you can eat. Never had kale much before and today it is a staple in our home.

Soups makes the house smell warm and “comfy”.   This soup calls for “Lacinato” Kale. I could find it in my area. I used good old fashion kale or spinach!

Discovery: combining celery,onion,garlic first to the oil. I would always add the celery with the rest of the other veggies.  The spices are the magic. Who uses only salt and pepper  anymore?

The nutritional yeast adds a little too much sweetness for our tastebuds. I cut it down to 1/2 Tb

A delicious soup that everyone will love! IMG_1678

Cashew Stir Fry

Fire fighter approved…again ! Cashew stir fry with cashew creamy sauce !

Original recipe makes 4 servings. I double the creamy cashew sauce and tripled the veggies . This was delicious and a big success at the fire station. The flavor of the coconut oil really comes out and the spiciness from red pepper flakes is just right.  I used whole wheat curly pasta instead of the soba noodles or buckwheat noodles simply because I was feeding 9 people.  The cashew creamy sauce is very delicious and easy to make.  Chinese cabbage, bok choi and broccoli are some of these amazingly veggies in the recipe.

Veggies before the pasta !

Veggies before the pasta !

The complete meal ready to serve !

The complete meal ready to serve !

Un-Shepherd’s pie

Got you curious for sure with this title recipe. Continue reading please.

Hummus & Green Apple Salsa

Hummus & Green Apple Salsa


Surviving  the junk food weekend – or Holiday or any other occasion that requires us to get off track and indulge in the fatty food and alcohol. Well, for this time, Super Bowl XLVIII, I was prepared, homemade green apple, hummus, caulifloer soup and for dinner the “un-sheperd’s pie” of KarmaChow Ultimate cookbook.

The snacks have been part of my ongoing recipes. The “un-sheperd’s pie” is my second time making this delicious dish. The meat is once again replaced with crumbled tempeh. The spices are key to the success of this recipe. The flavours and textures are quite similar to your grand-mother’s shepherd’s pie but a little healthier.

Mashed potatoes…almond milk and olive oil. Cannot ask for anything simpler.

un-shepherd's pie (p.143)

un-shepherd’s pie (p.143)

Discovery: crumbling tempeh not always easy but going through the effort makes a difference. Did not have to many dishes to wash after all the prep work. Took about 1 hour to prepare. I replaced the red kidney beans with lentils. I used what I had on hand. The corn was frozen corn from my annual corn roast last summer. Fresh golden corn nothing like it !

Makes 8 portions easily. Make your  portions smaller  because it is very filling and nutritious.

With a little home made chutney; mmm good!

See you at the next delicious recipe!

Kitchen Sink Veggie Soup

IMG_3820This is a great soup (page 97). It is a staple in our home for several months now.  You basically take all the veggies you have lying around and put them together in a pot with some water.

A simple soup yet everything has an order, a sequence…

First come the celery,leek, onion,shallot and garlic ;

Second, the spices (Smell the flavour !)

Thirdly, comes all the other veggies and stock – I do not always add vegetable broth, I  simply rinsed out the can of the tomatoes.

Boil and simmer and VOILÀ ! La soupe de vegetables ! Magnifique!

Discovery:  CUMIN – the spice that makes everything taste so yummy ! Of course,thyme,dill, oregano but I know them; CUMIN is new! PLUS, adding a handful of fresh spinach or kale to the soup when ready to eat adds color and flavour !

This is a keeper! Plus with this winter that is just hanging on with lots of snow and cold, the soup feels good!

Happy cooking!