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Korean-Style Tempeh tacos

Tempeh Tacos with Coleslaw

I am discovering how much TEMPEH is delicious, filling and does not give you that “I ate soooo much ” feeling! The spices are once again key in the success of this recipe.

Discovery : Worcestershire sauce mixed with apple cider vinegar and some tomato paste make for a great tasty combo.  Wimages-9e never think of simply slicing some cabbage together with a shallot and nuts.

It is son easy to eat well! RIGHT !

Toasting or roasting nuts or seeds…sometimes nice to change things up. Lightly toasting can make the flavour explode to life! Try it! You can do this with any type of nut or seed. (tip from page 138)

The cole slaw with the dijon dressing is delicious!

What a great combo!


Chocolat chip cookies

Chocolat chip cookies with CARDAMOM

Cardamom chocolat chip cookies

Cardamom chocolat chip cookies

Who does not love chocolat chip cookies ? I do not know of anyone ! Anyways, this recipe is quite simple and you know it is going to taste good and be healthy with all the amazing ingredients.

“These are a favorite among many of my clients,including fitness expert and P90X™ creator Tony Horton.” – Melissa Costello

Discovery: CARDAMOM…never knew this existed until I started cooking with KarmaChow.

A delicious spice that is sweet and spicy all at the same time.

Makes 3 dozen. Invite friends over because you will not be able to resist them !

I added some goji berries to the mix just because I had them lying around! Really nice combo !

White bean soup

White bean soup with kale & garlic…delicious!

The best “Super immune boosting” soup ever! Garlic is great for the heart and immune system PLUS kale is one of the most nutrient rich food you can eat. Never had kale much before and today it is a staple in our home.

Soups makes the house smell warm and “comfy”.   This soup calls for “Lacinato” Kale. I could find it in my area. I used good old fashion kale or spinach!

Discovery: combining celery,onion,garlic first to the oil. I would always add the celery with the rest of the other veggies.  The spices are the magic. Who uses only salt and pepper  anymore?

The nutritional yeast adds a little too much sweetness for our tastebuds. I cut it down to 1/2 Tb

A delicious soup that everyone will love! IMG_1678

AH! The smoothie..

Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie

Life’s way of including all the good nutrients our bodies need in one glass.

This green  smoothie was my “mission” for Day 4 of Operation Feel Good with BodyHeart. I am a secret agent for 21 days. My “mission” is a  journey of making myself and others feel “the love” the Universe has to give through small gestures and thoughts. A fun thing to do !

PLUS this is one of the recipe in my fave cookbook of KarmaChowBonus !

The smoothie was delicious! Never imagine a banana, kale and avocado tasting so yummy!


  • My blender had a tough time with the ice and frozen banana.
  • 1 portion is huge! I am sure that we can share this with a friend.

This is especially good for you first thing in the morning, as it is alkalizing for the body. Ingesting alkaline foods regularly, such as leafy greens, helps our body to fight disease.

Now who doesn’t want that ?

Curious about BodyHeart, have a look see and join me in Operation Feel Good! February is such a difficult month for many, let us help them with kindness and love.

Roasted Carrot and Cauliflower Soup

Roasted Carrot & Cauliflower Soup

Roasted Carrot & Cauliflower (p. 111)

Soup…always a favourite!

Actually very simple and soooo delicious! Roasting the veggies on parchment paper really adds something special to the taste. I added an extra 1 1/2 cup of veggie broth because I found it too thick but that is me!

What I learnt: Substitute for fresh herbs…use 1/2 the amount with dried herbs.

Warning! Warning! Warning!

Do not put hot ingredients in your glass blender. Let them cool down !

Why ?

The glass container will crack if it does not explode from the temperature difference!


How do I know this ? Well, I am using my spare blender because I did attempt to blend together the hot ingredients of a soup. So let it cool down first and enjoy this delicious colourful soup with a salad.


Happy always ready to help.

Happy always ready to help.

Searching, planning the next recipe with a little help from my friend. The recipes require some planning and some shopping in health food stores. It allows for great discoveries and I find that the people in the health food store more relaxed and happier that at my regular grocery market. Yes! Not everyone but the overall energy or feeling when you enter a health food store is different. First, it is of a smaller size with just the right amount of items on the shelves. The fresh produce smell and look alive. Maybe it is just me! I do not know. You ask for the “strangest” item and “of course” they have it. They know what you are talking about when you inquire about cardamome, hemp, tempeh, arrowroot,… Anyways, simply wanted to mention that I like my little health food store near by (Biotope).

Planning my next recipe, going for a soup. Winter is far from finished and a good warm soup is so comforting. Check out the next post for the soup of february ! It will be creamy without the cream !

Happy cooking !

Un-Shepherd’s pie

Got you curious for sure with this title recipe. Continue reading please.

Hummus & Green Apple Salsa

Hummus & Green Apple Salsa


Surviving  the junk food weekend – or Holiday or any other occasion that requires us to get off track and indulge in the fatty food and alcohol. Well, for this time, Super Bowl XLVIII, I was prepared, homemade green apple, hummus, caulifloer soup and for dinner the “un-sheperd’s pie” of KarmaChow Ultimate cookbook.

The snacks have been part of my ongoing recipes. The “un-sheperd’s pie” is my second time making this delicious dish. The meat is once again replaced with crumbled tempeh. The spices are key to the success of this recipe. The flavours and textures are quite similar to your grand-mother’s shepherd’s pie but a little healthier.

Mashed potatoes…almond milk and olive oil. Cannot ask for anything simpler.

un-shepherd's pie (p.143)

un-shepherd’s pie (p.143)

Discovery: crumbling tempeh not always easy but going through the effort makes a difference. Did not have to many dishes to wash after all the prep work. Took about 1 hour to prepare. I replaced the red kidney beans with lentils. I used what I had on hand. The corn was frozen corn from my annual corn roast last summer. Fresh golden corn nothing like it !

Makes 8 portions easily. Make your  portions smaller  because it is very filling and nutritious.

With a little home made chutney; mmm good!

See you at the next delicious recipe!