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Cashew Stir Fry

Fire fighter approved…again ! Cashew stir fry with cashew creamy sauce !

Original recipe makes 4 servings. I double the creamy cashew sauce and tripled the veggies . This was delicious and a big success at the fire station. The flavor of the coconut oil really comes out and the spiciness from red pepper flakes is just right.  I used whole wheat curly pasta instead of the soba noodles or buckwheat noodles simply because I was feeding 9 people.  The cashew creamy sauce is very delicious and easy to make.  Chinese cabbage, bok choi and broccoli are some of these amazingly veggies in the recipe.

Veggies before the pasta !

Veggies before the pasta !

The complete meal ready to serve !

The complete meal ready to serve !


Luscious Limey “Cheese” cake (p.217)

imageA “cheese”cake without cheese… Got your attention ! PLUS no cooking !

A dairy free, creamy, citrusy and delicious cake without all the unhealthy sugars and fat of the classic cheesecake. Today is an almost all vegan day at the firestation. Once a month our shift has us at the house for an entire day (24 hours): breakfast-lunch-dinner.

As you know by now, I am the designated cook for my team. This sunday they wanted CHILI for lunch. Not a problem ! Smokey Tempeh Chili (p. 112).  Chili is always a favorite, simple and easy to make. Tempeh was NEW to everyone ! Everyone loved it. Doubled the recipe and that was enough for 9 guys and 1 girl (that’s me!). The spices were perfect. No one felt bloated or missed the meat. Added some Basmati rice and lunch was served!          (Long grain brown rice would have been the best but you use what you have!)

Discovery: The crust for the “cheese” cake… I used pecans. It is surprising how the cashews creamed up and made a delicious filling. Of course, I licked the spoon !

Difficulty / Solution :

  • Tempeh was frozen when I purchased it. It had not completely thawed, so I chopped it up into little cubes because crumbling was out of the question.
  • Blender unavailable, did it all in the small size food processor, slowly blending ingredients together. Turned out nice, not perfectly smoothe but nice !
  • It cost  $$ was no more than the traditional cake ,

You might notice that the springform pan is not perfectly round. It happens in a fire station. But it worked out and that is what matters! 2 fellows wanted the recipe, now that is a nice compliment for me and for KarmaChow.

9 guys and 1 girl enjoyed the food all day! The cake and chili recipes will be repeated!

I call this a great success !

Happy cooking!

imgres-3Nachos…Oh Yes!

You never thought that we could have VEGAN nachos. WRONG !

Chipotle Cashew Cheeze Sauce (page 85)

I whipped this up just before going out to meet up with Mom & Dad. I wanted something different from the regular chips and other snacks we share at our saturday afternoon card game! (Rummoli is the game of choice!)

2 cup of cashews in a blender can be quite the task. I soaked my cashews in water as I prepared all the other ingredients (maybe 15-20 minutes) before putting them in the blender. The longer they soak; the easier on the blender.  This helps my blender since I do not own a Vitamix blender (not yet anyways !). “The king of all blenders! ”

  • Discovery: Easy to do, not too messy and delicious! I will make it spicier next time..Hot stuff! It makes a lot. Bring some over to share with friends for sure! At least 4 cups ! Not a recipe to make if you are eating solo, unless you want to eat the same stuff all week!

I had the dip with tortillas chips but crackers, vegetables anything that you dip is good!

The recipe also says that this is delicious on pasta, potatoes, or a sauce for Mac& Cheeze.

I have some leftover, going to try it on some pasta this week!

More cooking to come!