AH! The smoothie..

Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie

Life’s way of including all the good nutrients our bodies need in one glass.

This green  smoothie was my “mission” for Day 4 of Operation Feel Good with BodyHeart. I am a secret agent for 21 days. My “mission” is a  journey of making myself and others feel “the love” the Universe has to give through small gestures and thoughts. A fun thing to do !

PLUS this is one of the recipe in my fave cookbook of KarmaChowBonus !

The smoothie was delicious! Never imagine a banana, kale and avocado tasting so yummy!


  • My blender had a tough time with the ice and frozen banana.
  • 1 portion is huge! I am sure that we can share this with a friend.

This is especially good for you first thing in the morning, as it is alkalizing for the body. Ingesting alkaline foods regularly, such as leafy greens, helps our body to fight disease.

Now who doesn’t want that ?

Curious about BodyHeart, have a look see and join me in Operation Feel Good! February is such a difficult month for many, let us help them with kindness and love.


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