Happy always ready to help.

Happy always ready to help.

Searching, planning the next recipe with a little help from my friend. The recipes require some planning and some shopping in health food stores. It allows for great discoveries and I find that the people in the health food store more relaxed and happier that at my regular grocery market. Yes! Not everyone but the overall energy or feeling when you enter a health food store is different. First, it is of a smaller size with just the right amount of items on the shelves. The fresh produce smell and look alive. Maybe it is just me! I do not know. You ask for the “strangest” item and “of course” they have it. They know what you are talking about when you inquire about cardamome, hemp, tempeh, arrowroot,… Anyways, simply wanted to mention that I like my little health food store near by (Biotope).

Planning my next recipe, going for a soup. Winter is far from finished and a good warm soup is so comforting. Check out the next post for the soup of february ! It will be creamy without the cream !

Happy cooking !


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