Un-Shepherd’s pie

Got you curious for sure with this title recipe. Continue reading please.

Hummus & Green Apple Salsa

Hummus & Green Apple Salsa


Surviving  the junk food weekend – or Holiday or any other occasion that requires us to get off track and indulge in the fatty food and alcohol. Well, for this time, Super Bowl XLVIII, I was prepared, homemade green apple, hummus, caulifloer soup and for dinner the “un-sheperd’s pie” of KarmaChow Ultimate cookbook.

The snacks have been part of my ongoing recipes. The “un-sheperd’s pie” is my second time making this delicious dish. The meat is once again replaced with crumbled tempeh. The spices are key to the success of this recipe. The flavours and textures are quite similar to your grand-mother’s shepherd’s pie but a little healthier.

Mashed potatoes…almond milk and olive oil. Cannot ask for anything simpler.

un-shepherd's pie (p.143)

un-shepherd’s pie (p.143)

Discovery: crumbling tempeh not always easy but going through the effort makes a difference. Did not have to many dishes to wash after all the prep work. Took about 1 hour to prepare. I replaced the red kidney beans with lentils. I used what I had on hand. The corn was frozen corn from my annual corn roast last summer. Fresh golden corn nothing like it !

Makes 8 portions easily. Make your  portions smaller  because it is very filling and nutritious.

With a little home made chutney; mmm good!

See you at the next delicious recipe!


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