Kitchen Sink Veggie Soup

IMG_3820This is a great soup (page 97). It is a staple in our home for several months now.  You basically take all the veggies you have lying around and put them together in a pot with some water.

A simple soup yet everything has an order, a sequence…

First come the celery,leek, onion,shallot and garlic ;

Second, the spices (Smell the flavour !)

Thirdly, comes all the other veggies and stock – I do not always add vegetable broth, I  simply rinsed out the can of the tomatoes.

Boil and simmer and VOILÀ ! La soupe de vegetables ! Magnifique!

Discovery:  CUMIN – the spice that makes everything taste so yummy ! Of course,thyme,dill, oregano but I know them; CUMIN is new! PLUS, adding a handful of fresh spinach or kale to the soup when ready to eat adds color and flavour !

This is a keeper! Plus with this winter that is just hanging on with lots of snow and cold, the soup feels good!

Happy cooking!


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