What is Miso ? It is a japanese staple. It is most often a soy base spread. Very salty and comes in different colors;  white, red, dark. Used in soups and as seasoning. I found it at the health food store, my regular grocer did not know what I was talking about.

The recipe is Maple Miso Brussels Sprouts (page 177). A sweet and salty dish…

Well, let me say that this was pretty simple to make however WARNING WARNING WARNING , go easy on the miso. WOW! was this ever salty. Invite friends over because it calls for 3 pounds of brussels sprouts.

Discovery: Miso, use a little less. It really does not require a lot. Maybe my brand of miso was not MELLOW enough!

What I forgot: to cut them in halves, oops!

I substituted hazelnuts with pecan and that was delicious! I loved this recipe. I will do it over with less miso and split the recipe into smaller portions. It was for sure sweet and salty. The combo was good! It almost came out as great looking as the picture in the cookbook.IMG_5486


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