imgres-3Nachos…Oh Yes!

You never thought that we could have VEGAN nachos. WRONG !

Chipotle Cashew Cheeze Sauce (page 85)

I whipped this up just before going out to meet up with Mom & Dad. I wanted something different from the regular chips and other snacks we share at our saturday afternoon card game! (Rummoli is the game of choice!)

2 cup of cashews in a blender can be quite the task. I soaked my cashews in water as I prepared all the other ingredients (maybe 15-20 minutes) before putting them in the blender. The longer they soak; the easier on the blender.  This helps my blender since I do not own a Vitamix blender (not yet anyways !). “The king of all blenders! ”

  • Discovery: Easy to do, not too messy and delicious! I will make it spicier next time..Hot stuff! It makes a lot. Bring some over to share with friends for sure! At least 4 cups ! Not a recipe to make if you are eating solo, unless you want to eat the same stuff all week!

I had the dip with tortillas chips but crackers, vegetables anything that you dip is good!

The recipe also says that this is delicious on pasta, potatoes, or a sauce for Mac& Cheeze.

I have some leftover, going to try it on some pasta this week!

More cooking to come!


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