Breakfast combo

IMG_0006Breakfast Combo Good morning y,all !

I have been waiting all  week to get this breakfast done. Veggie Breakfast Scramble (page 31) + Tempeh Sausage patties (page 35).

Got all the veggies at the grocery store, tempeh at the health food store. Swiss Char, zucchini, peppers, onions…

I left out one ingredient; the nutritional yeast. WHY ?  Well, I know it is delicious and good for you BUT it is not popular in my home. It sweetens the dish a little and I do not mind but my partner does. So if we want to share the great breakfast, we teak it a little to make it popular.

I do think that all recipes can be modified to our own tastebuds; more or leas cayenne or sweetness (you know what I mean!)

It was a challenge to get the patties and the veggies done at the same time. I suggest getting the patties going a good 20 minutes before going to the veggies. Makes 3 huge servings of veggies !

Discovery: Dinner was improvised…Tempeh Sausage patties and left over veggies in a delicious wrap with a green salad on the side.

Multipurpose recipes, that is wonderful!

Enjoy, see at the next recipe !


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