Going for it…

Yes! I am going for it… Going for what you ask ? Going VEGAN ! Well, almost! I am going to challenge myself to try everyone of Melissa Costello’s recipes in her book; The Karma Chow Ultimate Cook book.images (8)

Why do I want to do this? First, It is good for my health. I am health conscious and want to live forever. I exercice regularly and eat pretty healthy. For the past 5 years, I have cut out coffee, red meat and all white flour based products (as best I can). I have tried a few of the recipes in this book and loved them.  Why not try them all?

Who is Melissa Costello? She is my discovery of 2011. It is through exercising and researching Mr. Tony Horton (the guru of fitness) that I discovered his personal cook; Melissa Costello. She shared a few recipes and tips on her website but that was it UNTIL: The Karma Chow Ultimate Cook Book.

She is a certified nutritionist and chef for many years in (of course) the LosAngeles area. I wish I lived there. A plant-based lifestyle can boost your energy, help loose weight and you are kinder to the planet for sure!

“You are what you eat.” When we eat “crappy, we feel crappy! RIGHT ?! Mr. “guru” Horton says that we control 2 things in life: what we put in our mouth and how we move our bodies.

I could not agree more!

So let start;


Blender ✓

Magic Bullet  ✓

knives and cutting  board ✓

cookware  ✓

food processor  ✓

Spatulas & wooden spoons  ✓

Grater & micro plane  ✓

spices, vinegars and oils  ✓

Salad spinner  ✓

Glass jars  ✓

I will not repeat the recipes already done but I will comment. So here goes some cooking !

~ Breakfast Recipe p.25 ~

Quinoa protein Brekkie Bowl

Done! Easy and delicious!

Discovered Hemp seeds with this recipe.

Give it a try! It is Full nutritious !

See you at the next recipe. Very soon!

A big quinoa smile to you!


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